Case Management 

We provide case management services and access to necessary supports to vulnerable families, individuals, and children.  

Our Family Support Worker works with families to recognize their strengths, and guides families in setting goals toward the pursuit of increased self-reliance or in attaining self-sufficiency.


Family Assistance through Community Ties (F.A.C.T.) 

The FACT program is dedicated to supporting a family's capacity to raise healthy, well-functioning, and successful children. The broad array of prevention and early intervention services are developed and delivered according to the unique needs of families in each school community. The program especially emphasizes outreach to traditionally underserved populations to increase access to basic services and involvement in school. 

Referrals and Linkage

Clients coming into the family resource center are referred to resources for assistance with identified needs such as: financial, housing, food, utilities, parenting classes, etc. Many applications for assistance can be completed onsite while at the resource center. Follow-up contacts are made to ensure that clients’ needs have been met. 


Skill Up - Workforce Development

At ECFRC, we understand job security can be a major stress on the family. That is why we work one on one to confidentially discuss the best options for you. By creating a network of support, we can help make you successful at work and in your career. 

Expungement Support

Alabama has a number of individuals who may be newly eligible to have

their records expunged under the Record Expungement Designed to

Enhance Employment and Eliminate Recidivism (REDEEMER) Act that took

effect on July 1, 2021. In addition, applicants are now able to apply for a

waiver of the associated fee using an Affidavit of Substantial Hardship(ASH).

Smart & Secure children of Elmore County

ECFRC partners with the Hispanic community in Elmore County to ensure that Hispanic children get the support they need at home. The program will collaborate with the local elementary schools and Hispanic churches to support the needs of the families. The program utilizes the Smart & Secure Children curriculum to educate parents on fundamental development stages. The curriculum pairs seamlessly with the Strengthening Families framework, a research-based, cost-effective strategy to increase family stability, enhance child development, and reduce child abuse and neglect.