About Us


The Elmore County Family Resource Center’s mission is to strengthen families in Elmore County through career development, support, referrals, and education to ensure they are healthy, thriving and self-sufficient. 


The Elmore County Family Resource Center (ECFRC) was founded in 2007 with the mission to support children and families by connecting them to resources that can empower them to be self-sufficient, productive citizens of Elmore County. This initial mission was inspired by the result of a needs assessment conducted by the Children Policy Council in the early 2000s. Once the agency was incorporated, the initial services provided were intake and referrals.

After several years of Board development and establishing financial stability, the organization was prepared to bring on its first part-time Executive Director to drive the organization in the right direction. In 2017, the new Executive Director focused on outreach and agency awareness, developing the majority of the partnerships that the organization thrives on today. As a result of these thriving collaborations, the agency renewed financial support from the County Commission and established a successful community-engaged event. In 2018, ECFRC led the first-ever community service partner event called Family Fun Day. The event focused solely on engaging the families of Elmore County, with more than 30 local community service providers running an activity booth and resource table. Allowing children to engage in play while parents receive information about local resources that the different agencies provide. The event was beyond a success, with over 1,000 people participating in the day. The collaboration and outreach demonstrated on that day was an empirical snapshot of the ECFRC's existence.

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